Technical inspection pursuant to §57a (Austrian Motor Vehicles Act (KFG))

What is a ‘§57a technical inspection’?

This check is mandatory under the law and is carried out to examine your vehicle’s roadworthiness, safety and its degree of environmental friendliness.
Following an objective diagnosis, you receive a comprehensive report on the vehicle’s condition.

What is checked?

The body, chassis, tires and wheels, brakes, engine, lighting and warning systems as well as safety-related components are all checked.

How long does a ‘§57a technical inspection’ last?

The inspection lasts around 50 minutes. If you wish, you’re welcome to ‘look over the shoulders’ of our mechanics. Please bring your registration document to the inspection.

How much does a ‘§57a technical inspection’ cost?

This investment in your safety costs € 60 incl. VAT.

How often or at what intervals do I have to take my car for a ‘§57a inspection’?

Currently, what applies in Austria is the 3-2-1 rule. This means that in the case of passenger vehicles/estate cars and trailers weighing up to 3.5 t the first inspection must be carried out three years after the first registration, the second inspection two years later and each inspection thereafter on an annual basis.
However, in order to detect any defects in good time and prevent repairs and consequential damage, we recommend a voluntary vehicle inspection after around two years.


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