Sale on commission

What we offer?

If your vehicle could be of interest to our customers, we will support you during the private sale of your passenger vehicle or small lorry as follows:

  • free technical and visual vehicle check
  • thorough cleaning and preparation
  • comprehensive photo shoot in our photo studio incl. 360° photos of interior and exterior
  • high visitor frequency of our homepage from within Austria and abroad
  • presentation of your vehicle on all the relevant vehicle exchanges in Austria and abroad
  • extensive experience and objective advice on choosing a selling price

What we require from you?

  • your vehicle on the premises for an inspection
  • registration document and/or vehicle documents
  • proof of ownership and photo ID

Does the vehicle have to remain on display in our showroom?

  • No, you don`t have to leave your vehicle with us. You can continue to use your vehicle.

What we expect from you?

  • comprehensive information on your vehicle and documentation
  • a realistic asking price

How much do you have to invest in our service?

  • If the vehicle is of interest to our customers, you won`t have to pay anything in advance to include your vehicle.
  • Following the sale of the vehicle we will charge you a commission, which is individually agreed upon beforehand.

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